All of Agtron's products are conceived and designed by our in-house Research and Development department. Using the latest technology combined with farming backgrounds, our engineering staff is able to create the most innovative products with the user's perspective in mind.

Research is key in developing a superior product which is why we invest heavily in our R&D department and settle for nothing less than perfection. Agtron is committed to the future of farming and consistently designs products that set the standard for the industry.

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The Legend Seed Sensor

The Legend Detection Systems for Air Drills ensure that up to 240 seed and fertilizer runs are delivering the right rates, and no blockages! Take the uncertainly out of the seeding operation by detecting high/low/no seed rates.


ART Seed Sensor

Our ART Seed Sensors are the world's best based on durability, ease of use, accuracy and cost. They are used with our ART Rate and Blockage Monitors.  There are no obstructions to seed flow and they automatically compensate for build-up of seed treatment.  


ART160 Rate and Blockage Monitor

For single and dual shoot systems. Use the ART 160 or ART 260 to confirm your calibration for seed and fertilizer rates. The unit displays your rate in seeds per acre or pounds per acre. On the blockage side of the monitor blocked runs are indicated by number.


ART100 Blockage Monitor

Our entry level Air Drill Blockage Monitor requires minimal setup, and uses the same great Stainless Steel sensors. Audio and visual blockage alerts are provided. Flow information helps find meter or air system faults. Heavy duty weather proof harness is used throughout.


CAN-ART Module

Our New CAN-ART module allows you to have critical rate and blockage information displayed on your Case, Deere, or Cat ISOBUS Virtual Terminal, no need for another monitor in the cab!


ISOBUS in a box

This kit comes with everything you need to equip your factory fresh or tried and true air drill with the latest ISOBUS compatible electronics. Use variable rate and mapping from Agco, CNH and Deere, and of course, our stainless steel seed flow sensors plug right in! 


Area Plus Acre Monitor

From your sprayer to your ATV, the Area Plus is versatile enough that it can be applied to almost any piece of equipment. There are two area counters so you can keep track of short and long term coverage. A separate input monitors shaft RPM.


4 Channel Shaft and Bin Monitor

Monitor up to 4 shafts and/or bins. The monitor is ideal for situations where you only need to know if the shaft is turning. The simple design lets you easily select the level of sensitivity you would prefer before getting alarms.


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