Week Five; Here's What Happened

Below is what Danielle's week had in store for her here at Agtron Enterprises.

Week 5; what a crazy week it has been! As I mentioned in my last post, business is truly starting to pick up. On Tuesday, 5 different customers walked into Agtron Enterprises, seconds apart. Two of them where here for an appointment, one of them came here to pick up an order and the last two wanted to talk to a representative about our product. I had helped all five. I was doing very well, however the last two customers asked a question about our sectional aware feature on The Legend. I did not want to give them the wrong information. I called upon Kris to help me out. As always, he was there and had my back.

There are many reasons why I love working for Agtron. However, one of the biggest ones is simply because I feel so supported here. In my experience, it is hard to come by co-workers that support each other so well. It is even more difficult though, to have great supervisors, managers, or owners. This is something Agtron has tenfold. Knowing that people have your back, and want you to succeed enables you to be the absolute best you can be.

We also had a walk in customer who needed a new speed sensor. He was only in town for a couple hours. Kris and I dropped what we were doing and helped him immediately. Out with the old, in with the new! Kris sat down and tested the cable, as well as did up the order for the gentleman. He made sure he was good to go before he let himself go on lunch. That is the sort of dedication you receive here at Agtron. I picked the new sensor, and took payment for the product. I think we make a great team!

Something I have been doing during the day when I am not busy with half an hour phone calls, quotes or invoicing orders to be shipped out is ensuring all of our service tickets have been inputted. I was tasked with checking to see if 70+ tickets where in the system like they should be. Luckily it did not take me very long. After all, 70 tickets are not much at all! I would rather be busy, than sitting in my seat twiddling my thumbs. Lucky for me, I will be too busy for the next few months to do any thumb twiddling. Here is to week 6!



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