Week 6; Key Differences

The following is what we believe to be some of the most important differences between our ART system and our Legend system here at Agtron Enterprises Inc.

This blog will be discussing the differences between The Legend system, and our ART systems. We have manuals, videos, and helpful staff that are always willing to take your calls if need be. Here are some differences between the two systems that I believe are important to point out:

  • The Legend systems provide you with 2X faster notifications of blockages.
  • The Legend systems are not affected by wire breaks. The sensor loops communicate in both directions now, opposed to just one like the ART systems.
  • 10X higher seed rates detected.
  • The Legend cables are 5X more resistant to chemical buildup.
  • The Legend cables have a new and improved snap-fit sensor connector.
  • Built in GPS ground speed detection. Ground speed is needed for the rate calculation.
  • The ART systems have a very simplistic graphic display (CAN-ART) or a simple 16 character 2 line display (ART160/260). Whereas The Legend displays a multitude of things, including sensors, towers, errors and alarms.
  • Legend systems have the same user interface regardless of if the customer chooses the wireless or the ISOBUS option.
  • The Legend system has one simple calibration step that makes calibrating a breeze! Simply input your desired seed rate into the Seed Rate Wizard and the system calibrates your seed rate and blockage sensitivity at the same time.

These differences are improvements that make the Legend better than the ART systems. And for those of you that aren’t comfortable using Wi-Fi and don’t have an ISOBUS Universal Terminal, stay tuned. We have a new Legend system joining the family!


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