As a farmer, you know what you need, and we strive to provide the complete package–a quality product and the service to go with it. That has been the philosophy of Agtron Enterprises for over 3​5 years now. Begun in a basement in 1982, Agtron has risen quickly to become one of Canada’s leaders in agricultural electronics. Today, Agtron’s new state of the art facility occupies over 16,000 square feet of prime industrial space in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.


As a manufacturer of cutting-edge agricultural electronics, Bill Baker, president of Agtron, wanted to ensure his products were accessible to the average farmer, “farmers should be able to use electronic technology to make their lives easier and increase their profits, not to make their lives more complicated.” To meet this objective, his company designs and manufactures user-friendly equipment, including:

Recognizing the effect precision farming technology is having on this industry, Agtron’s latest developments also incorporate Global Positioning Systems (GPS), computers, software, and instrumentation to monitor and control all aspects of a farming operation. Because of Agtron’s superior design, highly developed production system and rigorous testing procedures, our products are functional, practical, and very dependable.


All of Agtron’s products are conceived and designed by our in-house Research and Development department. Using the latest technology combined with farming backgrounds, our engineering staff is able to create the most innovative products with the user’s perspective in mind. Research is key in developing a superior product which is why we invest heavily in our R&D department and settle for nothing less than perfection. Agtron is committed to the future of farming and consistently designs products that set the standard for the industry.


When you purchase an Agtron monitor, you do not simply purchase another piece of electronics, you gain a service department that is committed to making sure that the technology makes your farming operation more efficient and profitable. Agtron is committed to ensuring that each individual farmer receives incredible service. We routinely call our customers after we receive their warranty card just to make sure that everything is working perfectly and answer any questions. How many companies can say they do that? We have built our company one customer at a time and we continue to impress farmers with our care and attention to their individual needs.

Technology doesn’t need to be difficult. We take extra care to ensure that our monitors are easy to understand and use. Our manuals are written in a language that everyone can understand. But at any time, our service representatives are only a toll free call away and we constantly update our Web site with your frequently asked questions.

Agtron is the leader in the industry, offering a 3-YEAR WARRANTY on parts. Telephone support is available during business hours. We stand by our products and if something should ever go wrong, you have our commitment that it will be solved as efficiently as possible.

Agtron listens to our customers. It is our customers who drive the future of our Research and Development. Together we can create better products for more efficient and profitable farming. We encourage our customers to contact us with their suggestions, either through submitting a testimonial or suggestion on our Web site or through our toll free number. Your input is invaluable to our commitment to continuous improvement.


Our mission is to build lasting partnerships with our customers by providing products and technologies that will improve their profitability, in turn making Agtron Enterprises a leader in the agricultural electronics industry. We achieve this by designing easy-to-use and reliable products, listening to our customers’ ideas and concerns, and providing helpful and friendly support for all of our products.

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