Since we work with ISOBUS, a communication protocol for the agriculture industry, here at Agtron, we thought it would be appropriate to devote a segment of our new blog to talking about the many different ISOBUS virtual terminals or VT’s. These blogs will only be discussing each virtual terminals pros and cons when it comes to look, feel, basic operation and functionality with ISOBUS. We will not be discussing each virtual terminals proprietary functionality. The segment will be call

ed VT Talk.

With all that out of the way, in our first segment of VT Talk we will be discussing the John Deere GS2 1800 display.

The John Deere GS2 1800 display is a simple, entry level product. Its main features include:

• 7” colour display

• Easy-to-use scroll wheel for navigation

• Check, cancel, menu and home buttons

• 10 mapped letter buttons corresponding to “soft keys” on the display.

• USB port for data transfer

The one thing that you will notice with this display is that it isn’t touch screen. The use of the scroll wheel or the mapped buttons makes it a little more difficult to navigate between menus than if it had a touch screen. Using the scroll wheel can be a headache if you need to scroll quickly through the menus, as it does take longer than a display that has a touch screen.

Another major drawback of this display is the fact that it does not support variable rate/task controller functionality, eliminating the display from being used by farmers that use these features to maximize their farm’s performance.

This display is an effective entry-level terminal. If you are looking for something easy to use and are not in need of variable rate functionality, than this display will work for you. Farmers on the cutting edge of technology should look past this display to some of the others that we will be talking about in future blog posts.

What are everyone’s thoughts on the John Deere GS2 1800 display? Anyone out there using one right now?