Since we work with ISOBUS, a communication protocol for the agriculture industry, here at Agtron, we thought it would be appropriate to devote a segment of our new blog to talking about the many different ISOBUS virtual terminals or VT’s. These blogs will only be discussing each virtual terminals pros and cons when it comes to look, feel, basic operation and functionality with ISOBUS. We will not be discussing each virtual terminals proprietary functionality. The segment

will be called VT Talk.

In Round 3 of VT Talk we will be discussing the Trimble FMX Integrated display.

The Trimble FMX display is a high end display, its main features include:

·         12.1” Full Colour HD Display

·         Touchscreen Display for ease of navigation

·         Virtual Terminal Capability

·         ISOBUS Task Controller

·         Rugged Construction for everyday field use

·         VGA output for connecting to projector for training purposes

·         USB port for data transfer

·         4 Video Camera inputs

·         Two built-in GPS receivers

·         GLONASS ready

The fact that this display has a 12.1” full colour HD display that is touchscreen is a major bonus right off the bat. This makes reading and operating the display that much easier.

Navigating the Trimble FMX menus can be confusing to first time users, but once you have used it, it becomes a little easier to navigate between all the screens and menus.

Using the task controller is a little more difficult than other displays we will talk about. And as of writing this blog entry I have not been able to get it to work consistently. So I will revisit the Trimble FMX Task Controller when I get it working reliably.

The main important thing that the FMX has going for it is the Virtual Terminal capabilities. This allows users that own one to use the Agtron CAN-ART blockage ECU to monitor blockage on your air seeder without having to install another monitor.  

All in all the Trimble FMX is a descent display with some very good features. Hoping that I can get the task controller functionality working more consistently with newer software upgrades from Trimble and Agtron.

What does everyone think of the Trimble FMX Integrated Display?